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All classes are pay weekly No term fees!

This summer 2015 we are pleased to offer a summer camp! If you love to dance, act and sing then this is the camp for you.

Dates and times will be posted soon……

Wedding Dances

At Aspire we appreciate that your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. We have experience in choreographing first dances for your magical day. All sessions are suited around your needs, we choreograph dances that are suited to your personalities and wishes. So ring today to see how we can give your day that extra touch.

Little dude’s and diva’s Street class

(3 to 7 year olds)

Baby street is designed to work on your child’s coordination, strength and concentration whilst having fun. The class consists of various exercises and routines which will help develop the student’s movement memory. The students will be given the opportunity to perform at various events throughout the year. We would recommend your child wears an Aspire T shirt as this will then be used for performances throughout the year.

Junior Street

(8 to 11 year olds)

Junior Street is designed to work on the student’s movement memory by learning routines which will develop and strengthen their technique. The students will start learning the basics to break dancing while also increasing their flexibility. There are many opportunities to perform which will develop their performance skills and confidence. We would recommend your child wears an Aspire T shirt as this will then be used for shows and performances throughout the year.

Teen Street

(12 to 16 year olds)

Within this class we develop the student’s coordination and technique by introducing street/hip hop and break dancing to the class. There are many performance opportunities available to the students which will strengthen the student’s performance skills and confidence. This class is a great class for fitness; however this is a great way to prep for vocational schools the students may attend later on in their life.

Adult Street

Within this class you will be taken through a warm up to strengthen tone and increase stamina. You will get taught various different styles of street, commercial and hip hop. Most of all it’s a fun and high energy dance class, what more could you ask for?

Glee style class

This class covers all three areas of the arts, Singing, Acting and Dancing. We work on each area by learning and developing skills through a song. The students will be able to work on their improvisation, script and song writing skills too within this session. This class is fun and imaginative and allows your child to develop new skills.


Contemporary is a lyrical genre however Aspire has put a modern twist upon this genre of dance, it’s a great way to express yourself while also exploring different ways to move and strengthen your body. Within the class we work on your flexibility and develop your sense of movement. We recommend you wear loose fitting clothing for this class.

Bop It

If you like Zumba you will fall in love with Bop It. This dance fitness class is designed to keep you moving for one hour, integrating a mixture of genres of dance. A great way to keep fit and tone up. This class is suitable for all abilities and levels, bring your friends and BOP the night away.

Choreography Class

If you are an aspiring choreographer who would like the chance for your ideas to be made reality then this class is for you. During the class with help from the Aspire teachers, we will help to develop and strengthen your choreography skills. Throughout the year we will also give you lots of opportunities to get your work seen in and around Norwich.


We offer a variety of well structured workshops that help with student's coordination, confidence, fitness and skill. Educational we will supply high quality enrichment activities for your school or college, so contact us today.


We can add that extra special something to your event Corporate. All our performances are fun and exciting, contact us today to find out how we can take your event to the next level

Aspire Dance
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